Why Stay Longer?

"How we travel becomes just as important as where we travel. "

Conservation Club Team

Although many of us have been itching to start travelling again, there has certainly been a shift in thinking around how we should travel going forward. There is newfound appreciation of time and connection, and with that comes a readiness to say goodbye to rushed, jam-packed days, Ferrari safaris and Big 5 tick list travel. We are ready to emerge back into travel with a sense of calm and a desire to slow it right down. 


We, at Conservation Club, believe that this shift is a gift because as we all adopt a more thoughtful approach to travel – how we travel becomes just as important as where we travel. There is a greater focus on how we can make the experience count with longer, more private and immersive stays in one destination. Quality over quantity is the theme going forward! 


5 Reasons to Stay Longer in a Destination:


1. Deeper appreciation

Staying longer in one place gives you the chance to delve deeper into a destination and form a more distinct connection. Instead of simply ticking off the bucket list, slow down and experience something more meaningful. Take time to learn, understand, interact with and, by doing so, fall in love with the heart of the place and its people.


2. Rest and Reset

We all live such fast-paced lives and it’s often a default to take holidays that are as busy as our work lives in order to ‘make the most of them’. Isn’t this completely counter-intuitive? When you give yourself more time in one place, it removes that need to be everywhere, doing everything. Press the pause button on life and really let yourself relax, de-stress and unwind. Enjoy ‘you’ time: a guilt-free lie in, a day with a riveting book, a late night of wine and a sneaky afternoon nap. The best thing about traveling slower is you can say goodbye to the schedule. Some days can be outdoorsy, adventurous and energetic, while others can be quiet and idle. Take your watch off, put your cell phone away and just be present – get yourself on to African time.


3. Get back to nature

If this year has taught us anything it’s to appreciate being able to get outside and explore at your own pace. More time in a destination allows you to really slow down and do just this. Take long walks, ocean swims, mountain hikes or just enjoy some afternoon sunshine. Allow yourself those moments to disconnect from distractions and reconnect with the outdoors.


4. Give back

Local communities that rely on Local communities that rely on tourism for their livelihood have been really impacted by the Lockdown. When we maximise our time away, we increase the benefit to the neighbouring communities. Going forward, it is our responsibility to travel mindfully and sustainably to ensure our travels directly benefit the land, wildlife and people of a destination.


5. It’s better for the environment

Last, but certainly not least, extending your stays does wonders in reducing your overall footprint. It means fewer linen changes, distances travelled and room turn-arounds. Slow travel is greener and cleaner.


Welcome to Conservation Club, we bring conscious travellers together with unique tourism experiences in Africa. We connect those who commit to making a difference.


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