Tswalu Kalahari

Cc - "Prepare to be forever changed as you explore wide open spaces through a deeply layered, immersive safari. Experience the diversity of Africa and do it at your own pace."


Exclusive access to this wilderness is a privilege that far outweighs more conventional notions of luxury. From the ancient quartzite Korannaberg mountains to the southern Kalahari’s grassy, red sand dunes rippling away to the horizon, Tswalu offers what discerning travellers crave most – space and time.


The remote reaches of the reserve may be explored on drives, walks or on horseback, always with opportunities to stop and appreciate the solitude and silence. This is a place to recalibrate and reconnect, both with nature and yourself. With a guaranteed private vehicle, guide and tracker comes the freedom and flexibility to choose where to go and what to see. Heading off in a new direction every day, it literally feels as if you and your party have the entire reserve to yourselves. 


Whether you choose the private Tarkuni homestead for a multigenerational family reunion or one of the nine, spacious Motse legae (the Tswana word for ‘dwelling’), everything about your stay is considered and arranged with the individual in mind.Your time on the reserve is entirely your own, and therein lies the real luxury.

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Conservation Story

Tswalu is a world-class conservation initiative, where research is integrated into every part of the experience. Interact with researchers as they add to your knowledge of this vulnerable ecosystem.


Tswalu means ‘a new beginning’ – a name chosen to symbolise their ambition to restore the uncompromising beauty and richness of the southern Kalahari. 


Tswalu’s ecotourism ventures have a notably low ecological impact while also contributing significantly to the sustainability of the reserve and its achievement of its conservation and community upliftment goals. 

1. To restore the natural environment;
2. To re-establish and protect biodiversity; and
3. To maintain the Kalahari’s characteristic ecological processes.


Tswalu have adopted a holistic approach to correcting past mistakes, laying the groundwork for long-term ecological and economic viability, and creating a model of conservation supported by ecotourism that can be sustained indefinitely. This model recognises that the people of the greater Kalahari are an integral part of the ecosystem, and crucial to solving the conservation challenges we all face. 


Tswalu’s low-impact, high-value approach to ecotourism ensures that revenue flows directly back into conservation work. Those who choose Tswalu contribute to the sustainability of our commitment to preserve the southern Kalahari’s biodiversity for future generations.

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Accommodation Options

Cc – “Exclusive homestead with 5 individual luxury suites, to be booked by groups seeking privacy & comfort.”
Cc – “Consisting of 9 dwellings with expansive views of the vast landscape. This camp provides privacy, exclusivity and unfettered access to the southern Kalahari wilderness.”


Cc – “Save 50% on a 4-night stay at Tswalu! A 4-night stay allows you to experience the Kalahari at your own pace.”


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