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Cc - "Discover the remote North of the Kruger Park. It's here you’ll find tranquillity, peace, purpose and a whole lot of adventure."


In the north of the Kruger National Park, lies the Makuleke Concession; The Pafuri Triangle, as it is often called – a land embraced by mountains and gorges, baobabs and fever trees.


The Pafuri Triangle is created by two great rivers – the ancient Limpopo to the north and east, and the young and powerful Luvuvhu to the south, which is actively carving its way through the sandstones of the region, in the process creating the magnificent Lanner Gorge, and depositing deep alluvial soils on the floodplains around the camp. Their intersection at Crook’s Corner lies at the apex of a wedge that not only forms a meeting point of three countries – South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique – but also a unique ecological region and a natural funnel for wildlife crossing back and forth in a vast transfrontier park stretching south into Kruger, north into Zimbabwe and east into Mozambique.


The 26 500 hectare concession is the meeting point of a multitude of habitats, resulting in a region of extraordinary biodiversity. The attractions of botany and birding do not exclude big game —The concession is home to hippo, leopard, large herds of buffalo, and huge seasonal concentrations of elephant. It is against this rich landscape that RETURNAfrica’s safari experiences unfold, whether at Pafuri Luxury Tented Camp, on a Pafuri Walking Safari, or at Baobab Hill Bush House.


The RETURNAfrica Pafuri Collection offers adventure and tranquillity, peace and purpose. With them, the benefits of your travel flow to the communities that are their hosts and partners. Because it’s the embrace of the people and their places where the operating company, RETURNAfrica, and Pafuri Collection’s magic lies.

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Conservation Story

The RETURNAfrica Pafuri Collection works in partnership with local communities to create meaningful and sustainable benefits. They provide employment, training and skills development for their employees and members of the community who wish to build their careers. Through the success of the business they make direct financial contributions to community led organisations that support projects which provide opportunities for community members, or respond to a range of pressing needs.


Fair trade and sustainability are at the heart of their brand. The Pafuri Collection take responsible tourism to new heights – where their business is the driving force behind local community advancement.


From solar power to water usage, they build their initiatives on sustainability. Locally-sourced products, eco-friendly amenities and skills development all play their part in nurturing the environment and improving lives. Their projects are carefully selected and responsibly governed.


The mission is simple…

RETURN to Africa where it all began.

RETURN the land to the people and the wildlife who once roamed it.

RETURN benefits to our partners and communities who own the land.

RETURN to our true selves through a journey of the spirit.




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Cc – “Imagine falling asleep to the symphony of the bush and rising with the sun, ready to explore wildest Africa.”
Cc – “See untamed Africa from a new perspective.”
Cc – “A house shrouded in history perched on a secluded, baobab-studded ridge”


Cc – “Stay 3 nights at ReturnAfrica’s walking camp in wild Northern Kruger – a place that offers an unrivalled walking safari in South Africa.  “


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