Ant’s Nest

Cc - "On horseback, by foot, or in the vehicle, Ant's Nest has something for every adventurer. It's here you can live out your conversation dreams through engaging and hands-on experiences."


Ant’s Nest is situated cozily amidst 12 500 acres of private Waterberg bushveld. The Waterberg is full to the brim with culture, archeology, biological diversity, history, and vast landscapes. So, if you are searching for a rich and rewarding experience, you’ve come to the right place.

Ant’s Nest is the love child of Ant and Tessa Baber who tend to the space with care and pride. The space was born in the mid 1990’s after Ant and Tessa rehabilitated a rickety ranch house and turned it into the splendor we see today!


This classic and spacious bush lodge is owner designed and built with local stone and thatch which comfortably blend into the surroundings, deepening the sense of unity with the natural environment. This home away from home has something for every  individual, whether your dream is to rise with the sun and have a jam-packed day of adventure or enjoy a deliciously slow and easy-going holiday.

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Conservation Story

Ant’s Nest was developed upon what was once several cattle farms. In the early 1990’s, the cattle were removed and the natural game species that occurred in the Waterberg were reintroduced. It has been the objective of the Ant Collection to repopulate this preserved area with the wildlife and biodiversity that had always occurred there naturally.


To support the preservation of this area, it is Ant’s Nest’s mission to not only share the beauty of the Waterberg with guests, but also to get them on the ground, whether that be on horseback, mountain bike or on foot, to get the full, natural experience.


Genetic variety across species is important for the wellbeing of all game as it allows for the flourishing of a rich ecosystem. As more land is dedicated to wildlife, species thrive and benefit from inhabiting their natural environment. 


Ant’s Nest is one of few reserves which actively encourage guests to be an integral part of and participate with the management of wildlife during their stay. A week dedicated to wildlife capture and translocation occurs once yearly on horseback where guests participate in a hands on manner with Dr Huber. Guests are always invited to contribute to wildlife management that is done on the reserve.


The objective of the Ant’s Nest is to create sustainable tourism by means of land conservation, life enrichment of their guests and staff alike, and upliftment of the community through skill provision.

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Accommodation Options

Cc – “Two basic standard rooms adjacent to each other within the main lodge of Ants Nest, offering comfort and privacy.”
Cc – “Spacious 2 bedroom suite above the main lodge, perfect for a small family getaway to the bush.”
Cc – “Comfortable and airy superior standard room, separate from the main lodge, offering a private escape.”
Cc – “Generous deluxe room with a private veranda, separate from the main lodge.”


Cc – “Feel the rhythms of the wild as you get up close and personal on a three day horse riding safari in the African bush.”


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