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"Welcome to Conservation Club where we make it our mission to not only support conservation areas but empower and educate our community to better understand the conservation landscape."

Conservation Club Team

We love the African continent and we love people who share in this love. 

We want to use the Conservation Club platform to shed light on the small and the big acts of incredible that contribute to the thriving of Africa, in all its natural glory.


Through our articles, interviews, videos and posts, we have one intention, and that is to enlighten our community and members with some awe-inspiring African conservation stories and to inspire adventure-seekers, wildlife lovers, trail finders and appreciators of magical moments to play the most important part in conservation… travel!


We will take you on a ride through the African continent to uncover the stories of hidden gems on your doorstep or untrodden paths in far flung destinations. We will meet visionary people making a difference to the world as we know it and we will yearn to join them. We will all better understand the role travel plays in sustaining these beautiful destinations and the creatures that roam there.


Enjoy and…

Lets travel together!


Welcome to Conservation Club, we bring conscious travellers together with unique tourism experiences in Africa. We connect those who commit to making a difference.


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We are currently offering experiences and stays in South Africa.

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