About Us

We are a team of next-generation conservation and tech enthusiasts, supported by African travel industry veterans. We have had the opportunity to experience many African countries and are in awe of what this continent has to offer. We want to share these places and experiences with others, so that we can all work together in conserving our wild places.

Lara Dendy Young
Cape Town, South Africa

"I want to to engage with people and places that inspire growth and long-term sustainability"
Justin Rijnberg
Kampala, Uganda

"I want to bring expert knowledge on scaling startups across borders, for positive impact"
Bas Hochstenbach
Cape Town, South Africa

"I want to create deeper, regenerative travel experiences that contribute to conservation"
Daniel Buyinza
Kampala, Uganda

"I want to build technology that contribute towards positive social and economic impact"
Cara Carr
London, United Kingdom

"I want to increase awareness around positive travel by supporting authentic experiences"
Stephanie Gogo
Nairobi, Kenya

"I want to inspire travel by telling impactful stories that connect people to Africa's wildlife and nature"
John Shickerling
London, United Kingdom

"I want to make sure our UX is world-class and contribute in shaping the new way of travelling"

"We live here, we have built our businesses here and we are committed to this continent"

We believe sustainable eco-tourism is the best play we have to guarantee the existence of Africa’s biodiversity for future generations. We can do this through stimulating local tourism and creating a space for African residents to spend their travel budgets on this continent.

Our Mission

We want to change the future of travel. How? By creating a club of conscious travellers and connecting them with Africa’s best conservation experiences, unique locations, adventures and even expeditions – all committed to sustainably safeguarding ecosystems for future generations.

When you travel with Conservation Club you become the conservationist you always wanted to be.


Welcome to Conservation Club, we bring conscious travellers together with unique tourism experiences in Africa. We connect those who commit to making a difference.


Operating Regions

We are currently offering experiences and stays in South Africa.

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